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David Ferguson
Mercury Cougar Kit
Price: 59.95 each
5.00 shipping in US,
10.00 International shipping
Vinyl Masking Kit
Price: 5.00 each
(includes shipping in US)
Can-Am Decals
Price: $5.50 per sheet
$2.00 shipping for 1-10 sheets.

International shipping (outside US) $3.00.

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David Ferguson

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Microsport Decal Sheets
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January 27, 2003 


1967 Mercury Cougar TransAm

See the Cougar page for details on this first-ever small scale replica of the historic Bud Moore Cougar TransAm.

Vinyl Masking Kit

Microsport's all-scales vinyl masking kit offers the modeler a clear advance over traditional materials like gel, masking tape, or adhesive foils. It's flexible enough to mask over complex shapes and compound curves, yet its special low-tack adhesive is perfect for masking over base coats and allows masking of very large areas without fear of tearing the vinyl or leaving a rough paint edge on removal.

Complex multi-color paint schemes are now within easy reach even for the beginner. The thin (.003) gauge means minimal paint build-up along masking edges, and it can be easily cut to shape with a sharp hobby knife or scissors.

A sheet of die-cut circles is also provided and it is a simple matter to make different-sized circles by using an appropriate-sized brass tube as a punch. Use of this kit is sure to quickly build your confidence both as a builder and a painter.

Vinyl Masking Kit Reviews

Click here to read Jörgen Stendahl's illustrated in-depth work bench review.

Click here to read Drew Hierwater's review from his Bench Racer column in the December 2001 Scale Auto.

Price is $5.00 per kit (shipping included). Each kit includes instructions, one sheet of pre-cut masking circles in 16, 18, 20, 22, & 24 mm sizes, plus two general-use masking sheets.

Can-Am Decals
Microsport Engineering also offers two 8-color waterslide sheets for the Can-Am modeler in 1/43rd and 1/24th scales.

MS-4301 1/43 Can-Am Decals

MS-2401 1/24 Can-Am Decals

Beautiful, crisp registration and period correct artwork for 60's and 70's CanAm cars. Each sheet also includes "Tips and Hints" with info and ideas to help the builder.

Each sheet features Lola and Chaparral badges, Hewland logos in black and silver for the tail end of the gearbox, "JWax" stickers (all years!), lots of contingency sponsors, PLUS tech inspection stickers for Mosport, St. Jovite, Bridgehampton, Road America, Laguna Seca, Riverside and Las Vegas.

HO Sponsor Decals
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